June 29th, 2017
The Seed 

My boys like to plant seeds. They'll wake up every day and ask if they can go outside to check to see if it grew.  

Point 1: They Plant Point 2: They Expect Point 3: They Know Where To Find It

They Plant... In order to receive a specific harvest, you've got to seed into it.  
If you want to be blessed, be a blessing. If you want to be loved, love. If you want to thrive in any area, sow into in with your time, your seed and whatever GOD has gifted you to carry. There's a time for harvest but some forms of harvest require you to give up something.  

They Expect...  

We all know that Apple seeds don't yield oranges.  

When you know where and what you are sowing and in what season you are in, you have a clearer view and understanding of how and what to expect. You'll know the difference between your harvest and random weeds.

They KNOW Where to Find It These boys know that in their room, they will not find their harvest. That is not where they planted it. They have to get up, get clearance and GO OUTSIDE to the location of their planting.  

You may have to get up from your comfort zone and make your way to the area of increase.  

Where did you last place your seed?  I dare you to look for your harvest!!!  

Don't you STOP until that ground breaks forth with the fruit of what you've sown!
June 20th, 2017
Fail or Flourish 
You have two choices; the same path or the one that takes you to your destiny. The thing about calling and purpose is that it's all up to you. You must ACCEPT. You can choose to fall into the same traps EVERY TIME. I mean, you're an expert by now. You know the results. A lifetime full of potential but a legacy fallen short. There is the course unknown; the one that takes discipline. There is the course that means changing your unhealthy habits and saying no when you want to say yes, and yes when you want to say no. You're no expert in this. This is God's domain. This is the domain of faith, faithfulness and obedience. This is the domain of attaining. You will succeed when you believe less in yourself and more in HIM. 2 choices. Will you fail yet again at the exchange of your birthright? Are you that hungry and thirsty, that you can not see the table past the temptation. You will eat; but first, you must endure.  2 choices.  Choose wisely. 
May 31st, 2017
The Gift: I've Arrived

I've had this conversation in various ways with many close to me. I stand by this. I strive to be far from this representative featured. Her name is: "I've arrived"  Listen Ma,  You look great. You sound great, but I'm not feeling you. Your talent is exceptional but I see what you do. You know how to use what you've got to get others to follow you. Your accolades are plenty but your responses are few.  It's all about you.  You can't get "nowhere" nasty. Clean up that attitude. Swallow that pride. Kill that spirit of your negative and carnal view. No one owes you a thing but you're accustomed to the ring of it. You sing of it, you live for it but with no applause you sink of it.  Perspective shift for just a moment as your design is nothing less than the best of what our Father has. HE blessed you with the best. Diminished in HIS sweet embrace HE can use you to perform what HE has carved you out to be so others may be drawn...not repelled.  You're no greater than the next, just glorified flesh. You're glorified dirt that GOD formed from the earth. My Sis get the picture and please, my Sis, get it quick. There's a dying world amongst us. There's healing needed for the sick.  The anointing that you carry isn't meant for your reward. You house a great anointing meant to glorify the Lord. HE can heal. He can deliver and He can set us free. Our pretty sound and awesome verse can't save humanity.  Focus to the heavens with the blessing of your gift. Understand HE who has arrived before us is who ALONE we should lift.  #Ree #WritersBlock 

May 15th, 2017

I’m not new to music. I grew up in it. Watched as Mom traveled, sang and rehearsed week in and week out. I watched as my grandfather did concert after concert with in the quartet. Grew up in church where as early as you could blink, you were sitting at an instrument, holding a mic, learning to harmonize and lead a song. I had my little Fisher Price tape recorder with the microphone and Fisher Price bell piano. I put on mock interviews of my favorite entertainers and singers. This was life.  It’s bred in me.

You’re either born with it or you’re not. If you check down my family line, you’ll see generation after generation of singers, ministers and musicians. If anything, it’s expected from the first holler out of the womb. You either have it or you don’t. Trust me, in my family, if you don’t, you are the odd man out lol.

When around my family, I’m uncomfortable singing. Apart from them, your gift stands out but amongst family, it’s the norm and you better be on key or you’ll be called out! I love my family, and I’m grateful for the history of music within my veins. I’ve taken it with me through school, auditions, in writing, through training and on the road as a background singer.

I take this with me as I enter the system; the system in which you use your gift, your God given ability and put business behind it.

At times, if I can honestly share, I’m turned off.

Music is what I know. I eat, breathe and feel it. I write as fluidly as a tear rolling down a cheek whether in joy or sadness...it flows. I sing from that place that is not exposed to outer elements but held safely and nestled close to my heart and deep where nothing can penetrate. From the depths of my soul I give as if it’s my last time, as if it’s a crowd beyond numeration, in my own lane and on the ground that God paved for me.

I find, in the system, comparison, competition, fighting for the spotlight, but how about this food for thought; when we all rise, we all shine.

When there is a greater goal than you, the picture is bigger, the stage is larger, and the reach is greater. When each person knows their true worth and purpose, their lane is filled. No one can do YOU better than YOU and no one can do ME better than ME. Here’s the thing though, “we are all needed”.

This is not a monopoly and one individual cannot supply the need of all.

As GREAT as our God is, HE gave Himself in 3 persons to meet the needs of all. With One we heard, With One we saw and with One we are reminded of it all!

As GREAT as Christ is, he grabbed a posse. Each had a lane, a background, an approach, but a common goal. They didn’t take shine off of Christ. Christ doesn’t take shine off of God. All things work together right!?!

So why do we fight for the light? Why do we step others down for our own selves to be seen? Why do we shade individuals? Are we the top commodity? Are we calling ourselves the common goal?Look around you. Why do you think that there are so many people on this earth? Are you so great that you trump them all? I think not. We are all here and all in this walk together to share and grow in this journey called life.

We are not created crabs in a bucket but rather free. As Christ had the opportunity to leave this foolish world behind and shine next to His Daddy, Our Father, seated at His right side, he remained. Why? He remained so that in HIS come up, we’d come up!

Kill the system. Be the come up and keep the cycle flowing. There’s more to us than what we see.

April 28th, 2017
You know one of the greatest things about having your producer as your fam is that what you create goes deeper than a song.

"In The Middle Of It" is my testimony and chronicles one of the most difficult times in my life but one of the greatest triumphs that I've seen and walked out as a believer.

There's more to the story however.

Practically every Thursday, since 2014, we would meet and create. Janee, Jamaal, My Hubby, The Kids and Tony, would make our way to the studio and fellowship. We joked about how my boys were always knocked out when we'd get to Uncle Tony's (because he traumatized them one day when they were acting up by saying he was going to get the monster in his closet after them). The sessions would begin and last at times until the early mornings with us making late night runs (when the kids were not with us lol) to whatever restaurant was opened so we could continue the fellowship (as if we had no where to be in a few hours).

There were times when I was flying down 95 to the studio. There were times when I was on the phone in deep depression, not feeling it and being told by EVERY LAST ONE to just come so we could be together. When we were sick, we were there. Falling asleep, we were there. Fighting back tears, we were there.

There was a time where we created and when the song was completed, the Spirit BROKE the atmosphere to where there was no dry eye in the place. That song was "Broken".

We laughed through recordings. I was clowned, as I would say, "I did my best" and Tony and Janee would sing back to me, "But I guess your best wasn't goooooood enough" lol I still hate ya'll for that.

There was one night, we all came, and our brother needed us.

These weren't just studio sessions, they were fellowship. It was ministry. It was laughter after a horrible day. It was late night texts and calls to say, "I'm Home. I made it in."

This one night, my brother needed us. We came as we normally did over the years and listened. We prayed as we always did and he said this, "Give me a minute. I'm hearing something and I've got to get this out,"

As he played, the place was quiet. I began to write. It was beautiful.

He poured everything that he had and released into that track.

It was, "In The Middle Of It."

I held that track for close to a year. Writing and tossing away. Thinking of concepts and direction for it and scratching it. Going through what would be the rockiest year of my life with this track on the shelf...waiting...until...GOD POURED OUT OF ME IN DUE SEASON.

We both had to go through to get to that broken place. What you hear from the both of us is pure heart, fellowship, love, laughter, brokenness, press, pain, joy.

I thank GOD for what he has done and has allowed for us to create. In this circle, he stepped in and blessed the sound that you hear. I love you all. Thank you for being on this journey with me. There is surely more to come.


March 21st, 2017
 Your Instrument
It's almost time. Some of you have been waiting with me since the beginning. I appreciate every push and nudge in the right direction. Your effort was not in vain.

 These songs have been my companion for the past few years. Many of them, first sung to me while I slept; while others were birthed out in pain. Some were from conversations with loved ones, while others were in heart felt prayers and intimate dialogue.

These songs have ministered to me, through me and to those around me in areas that we needed it for the past few years and now, it is my pleasure and privilege to share what God has given me, to you. It is my desire that you take what you need and allow for the Spirit of God to meet and minister His will to you. I've given and now, where His gift goes, I release. Be blessed my friends.
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